Container lease with ease

Beyond partnership, we are your perfect match for seamless container leasing. Our guarantee is our Hanseatic mentality ↓: Direct, solution-oriented and always open-minded to your very individual needs.

About us

Unitainer Leasing was founded by Unitainer Trading after 30 years of experience to focus even more on the needs of our leasing customers.

Located in Hamburg, our team is open for any request and will make your specific demand our highest priority. From one-way repositioning to long-term lease to purchase lease, we offer all services related to leasing. Feel free to reach out to us.

Unitainer Leasing – Container Depot in Hamburg, Germany.
Unitainer Leasing – Individual leasing consulting.

What we stand for

Fairness. Our aim is to always offer you the most cost-efficent solutions, working hand in hand with our partners.

Reliability. Talking containers, we are your reliable partner. We  believe in the importance of business relations that are built on trust. Therefore we will always stick to our promises. Without excuses.

Flexibility. Our young and dynamic team aims to offer our clients tailor-made solutions, that fit perfectly their needs. Making things happen!

Honesty. We live straightforward honesty to our partners and clients, building long-lasting relationships together.

Our leasing services

One Way Lease option of Unitainer Leasing.


Repositioning of all container types worldwide. A classic use of containers for a predefined one-way cargo journey.

Long Term Lease option of Unitainer Leasing.


Choose your desired container type for long term lease according to your needs and projects.

Purchase Lease option of Unitainer Leasing.


Possibility to lease your containers over a specific and defined time frame. Make them yours.